read any good books lately?

It’s the fourth of January and I’ve read two novels. Not bad for the start of the new year, though definitely not a rate I will be able to sustain.

First up was Armada, which I felt was written specifically with goal of being made into a movie. It felt contrived and the ending kinda seemed to go in a total [sequel] direction suddenly. Too suddenly. The story was a good one, but I didn’t believe it and I just hate it when you start to like a character and then that character gets killed off. Disappointing!

Today, though, I finished Ready Player One and — I must admit — this one is definitely my favorite of the two if you made me pick a favorite. Ernest Cline writes in an easy-to-read style and tells a compelling story. David took about 3 days to read it and I had devoured it in about 5 hours. I already can’t wait to see the movie; I sure hope they do it justice!

I won’t get into the plot of either — other than one of my favorite characters getting killed off in Armada — but I do highly encourage you to give them both a read. Or you can wait until 2017 for the movie (Ready Player One) to come out. They are both very video-game-centric and heavily rooted in 80’s culture with just enough sci-fi thrown in to make them interesting. If you want to let your kids read them, Armada is definitely better suited to younger audiences, but we tend to err on the side of caution and our boys won’t be reading either of these for quite some time.